Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Always looking to get in another workout I spent late last night scrubbing my kitchen floor Pippi Longstocking style.  All you need is tennis shoes, rags and a floor cleaner.  But this post isn't about how to clean your kitchen floor, it's about our visitors this weekend!
We are hosting my baby sister, her Hawaiian boyfriend, my sassy cousin and her fiance.  Our house has plenty of space, 3 bedrooms with a garage converted into a man cave complete with oversized couches, mini basketball hoops, and most importantly a beer fridge.  BUT, we only have 1 bathroom.  Good thing we can shower in the ocean if need be :)

So, what do I have planned for my awesome family spending the weekend with us in little beach town Bird Rock?  All of them commute to work in our Northern California hometown therefore my goal is to show them San Diego the Euro way by walking and biking as much as possible.  I've only lived here a month but these are my favorites so far. 

* The French Gourmet for the tasty Egg Ratatouille and homemade bread.
* Papalulu's for lunch after a day at La Jolla Shores.  My friend recently took over this restaurant and I can't wait to see what he does with it!
* Cass St. Diner don't bother unless you love Almond Croissants as much as I do.  A close second to Ireland's Gourmet Tart Co. 

Bird Rock Coffee BEST coffee on the west coast.
* Cocktails at George's at the Cove  we save the pricey dinners there for a birthday or anniversary. 

* Rent bikes in PB to cruise down to Mission Bay or up to La Jolla Village.
* SUP at Windansea if the waves are small enough or in Mission Bay. 
* Watch the (un)eventful next season of MTV's Real World, Bird Rock.  They live 4 houses down, I've never seen people play ping-pong so often.
* Sweat it out at CorePower Yoga.  You can try it free for 1 week!
* Picnic at Calumet Park to watch gorgeous sunsets, let the puppy run around and make friends with  locals.

What to Pack
- bathing suits
- lightweight dresses and tops
- sweater or sweatshirt for the chilly nights
- running clothes, the paths along my neighborhood are beautiful!
- hat to keep your pretty little face out of the sun
- backpack for the bike rides, I rarely use a purse. Anyone know where I can buy a backpack that doesn't scream BACKPACK!
- flip flops, running shoes
Fact: Half of San Diego does not own a pair of shoes.  I see at least 5 people everyday barefoot, at work, restaurants, shopping, airports.  I'm not joking.
- sunglasses to hide your staring.  Surfers are nice to look at ;)
Get here already!


  1. Thanks for the packing advice! Can't wait to see your new home!

  2. Oh how I miss San Diego!!! Have fun playing guide!