Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One of my Favorite Work Days

Most of this blog has focused on things I do in my free time so I wanted to shed a little light on what a typical work day looks like for a fashion designer.  Yesterday I spent all day in downtown Los Angeles. When I lived in LA meetings downtown used to be a bit bothersome.  Parking was always a hassle and outrageously expensive.  I don't have the best sense of direction and would wind up the wrong way on one-way streets praying a cop wouldn't see my illegal U-turn.  BUT, now that I live in San Diego, trips to the fashion capital of California are more than enjoyable.  I couldn't even sleep Monday night I was so excited!   

7am - Up and at em'.  (I drove up the night before in order to avoid the morning traffic and crashed on a friends mattress.)  Shower, quick swipe of blush, concealer and mascara.  Throw on a black bamboo dress, black cotton motorcycle jacket, cowboy boots and our Fiji Teal BORELLI Scarf
8:30am - Wandered the LA Flower Mart while waiting for the LA Textile Show to open it's doors.  Picked up mini succulents, chili pepper plants, hot pink fillers and some fancy pots to display them in. 
9:50 - Medium coffee, with soymilk.
10-12:45 - Heaven! An entire floor full of textiles, notions (buttons, zippers), trims (piping, binding, lace) and people obsessed with fashion as much as I am.  I sourced domestic and international fabric for my line, researched factories for a new collaboration with SUP, learned all about backpack materials, ran into old friends and left refreshed and inspired.  
1pm - Meeting with my awesome production team at the Cooper Building.  On the agenda?  1. Final decisions on our next style, the BORELLI Wrap Dress.  2. How to bring these awesome headbands to market?  3. Screen print, hangtag, trims, piping, and sewing details.  4. Eco-friendly textile sources.
2:30pm - Meeting with our new dyehouse, deciding our next scarf color.  What will it be???  :)
2:55pm - Quick phone call with a potential Public Relations company.  
3pm - MUST stop at Babycakes NYC-LA.  Picked up a Hostess Red Velvet cupcake (for TDH) and a Pumpkin Spice cupcake (for me).
3:15pm - On the road back to La Jolla.  Attempting to eat last night's leftovers.
6pm - Sunset walk with Percy.
7:30pm - 1st sit-down meal of the day.  Arugula salad with tomato, cucumber and crusty bread.


  1. I love that you stopped for cupcakes...that's definitely something I would do!

  2. They have the BEST vegan and gluten free goodies! My husband evens loves them!