Friday, January 13, 2012

Cabo Day 5/6

- SUP - with plenty of sun protection - hat - BORELLI scarf - somehow didn't fall - catching a glimpse of the armed guards almost made me topple over
- Sleeping under the stars - I wish everyone could live close enough to the ocean and listen to waves crash every night - hot tub champagne toasts 
- Beach football - beach frisbee - homemade pina coladas
- Dinner at The Medano - dancing to a live band in the sand with our new Brazilian friends - took me hours to crack 3 tiny local blue crabs - oceanfront dining - highly recommended
- Celebrating my 29th birthday aboard the sunset Jungle Cruise (only 1 more year left to make my goal of 30 by 30 - nicknamed Mermaid - started dance parties - surrendered iphone because their music selection was slacking - jungle juice 
- Enjoy the weekend - we are heading back to San Diego tomorrow - safe travels everyone
- PS - Did you see Drift? - The latest section on 2goplease

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