Thursday, October 27, 2011

Going to the Chapel

We are finally at base camp of our Mt. Kilimanjaro wedding season.  8 weddings in 5 months, 3 in one week, 2 maid matron of honor speeches and WAY too many glasses of champagne.  I'm exhausted!  We just returned from our last one up in Monterey.  The happy couple had perfect 75*, sunny and clear weather, she wore a dress so light and airy it could fly away and the late night sliders and fries were a hit!  You may remember her bachelorette party here.  Next year we only have 4 on the roster (hooray!).  

In honor of wedding season ending I put Pinterest to the test and rounded up some inspiration for you beautiful ladies still searching for the perfect dress.  Whether you are getting married at the courthouse, on a tiny island in a foreign country or in a 1,000 year old cathedral, you may be asking yourself, "How do you know?"  I knew when I didn't want to take my dress off.  I tried on about 50 but kept asking to slip into my favorite, over and over.  When you don't want to take it off, when you find the dress you want to sleep in, and when you feel sexy AND comfortable that's when you have found the winner! 

Thailand, Milan, Cotswalds, Stockholm, Sevilla, St Bart, California

Don't be afraid to do something different!  Go short, add a pop of color, wear 2 dresses throughout the night, maybe even 3!  Pair the Thailand top with some hot shorts and bare feet.  Hats?  They are storming back in, big and small.  It's your wedding day.  I don't care what your mom wants you to wear, I don't care what your mother-in-law thinks you should wear.  Wear what makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world because you are, you get to marry the person of your dreams!


  1. I looooooooved this post!!! You need to create scarves to give one's bridesmaids. :)

  2. We have new ones coming out very soon and a new item, but shhhhh I can't tell yet :)