Thursday, March 17, 2011

Packing 101: Islands

Life is rough.  I am headed to Fiji tonight, red-eye, 10:30 pm, LAX-NADI.  In about 21 hours I will no longer need shoes or a phone.  (I could get used to that.)  TDH and I are finally taking our honeymoon.  Perfect timing to celebrate our 6 month anniversary on a deserted island.

So, what do you pack for a 12 day honeymoon trip to the island of Qamea?  Don't even think about checking a bag.  It slows you down, could get lost, and is simply not necessary.  A carry-on and backpack or purse is plenty of room.  Even for a 5 week trip!

Packing Tips
- Check the weather.  Islands are usually hot and humid but rainy.  How else could they be so gorgeous!
- Think light, layers and comfy.  No one will care what you are wearing on an island of population 60.  Comfortable can still be sexy though, especially if it's your honeymoon!

- Lay all clothes out you "think" you need.

- Divide up into tops, bottoms, dresses, workout, bathing suits, undies and bras.

- Now, take 1/2 of it out and set aside.
the rejects

- Leave most jewelry at home.  Ocean swimming, fishing, wind surfing and paddle boarding don't mix with pearls.  Avoid losing a family heirloom by leaving it behind in the safe or a random book on the shelf. (Just remember which book!)

- Shoes: This is tricky, boys can get by with 2 pairs, flip flops and tennis shoes.  But girls on the other hand like to differentiate between beach shoes and dinner shoes.  I'm bringing a pair of Reefs, Mom's gold sandals from the 80's and a lightweight pair of running shoes.  (Running shoes are a must for me, it's how I explore each new place I visit.)
- Roll up each piece of clothing, it saves a TON of space.

- Leave a little space in your carry-on for gifts and keepsakes.
- Don't forget to double bag your toiletries!
- Relax and enjoy!

Who is TDH?  Tall, Dark and Handsome.  My husband :)
Where is Fiji?  North of New Zealand.  Map

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