Thursday, March 17, 2011

Slow down in Leucadia, San Diego.

We stayed at little gem last weekend.  Leucadia is in North County San Diego, snoozing along the 101.  No one is in a rush, people say hello on the sidewalk and the sunsets are beautiful.  A few photos and loves from the weekend below.  

  For $75 a night the Leucadia Beach Inn was a dream!

Breakfast:  A Little Moore Coffee Shop - locals hotspot, honey soy latte was tasty.  Sit at the counter to watch the chefs cook everything from french toast to eggs with chopsticks.  
Lunch: Pannikan - best muffins and pastries in California, amazing study/work from cafe environment.
Dinner:  Friends raved about I Trulli but the wait was too long.  Half Marathon early wake up call was looking for a early dinner.  We wandered up a block to Giovanni's and were pleasantly surprised.  Chef/Owner Vito  whips up rustic Italian fare for a full house by himself.  Corkage is only $10 and the gnocchi w/ pancetta  was delicious!  Don't worry the runner did not order the gnocchi dish.  The Bordeaux helped her PR the next day though.  

                                                                  sunset surfing

beach cruisers and sparkles

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