Monday, October 3, 2011

I usually HATE online shopping.  I want to touch the fabric, try on the dress, and shoes, well, I have enormous feet, 10.5 and SUPER narrow so online shoe shopping is out of the question.  BUT, every so often I find a site that I have to restrain myself from adding a little something to my cart everyday.  It's dangerous.  So far I bought a subscription to Fast Company for $7, an electric coral travel backpack for $14 and today my love for backpacks is haunting me again.  I could charge my computer and phone while riding my bike to work, how amazing is that!  I also have my eye on the Cote D'azur Vintage travel print. 

How did I find this new guilty pleasure?  A friend from grad school is a co-founder. He was the loudest in terms of fashion, mind and external volume in our program at Parsons.  Class was never dull with Bradford.  We used to joke around about opening a boutique and selling my award winning cupcakes in the store next to his couture dresses.  Congratulations Bradford I'm proud of you!

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