Friday, November 18, 2011

TriRock Shoot

A few photos from the TriRock photoshoot on Tuesday.  

BORELLI scarf keeping me warm between takes

Marisol adding the finishing touches

What is TriRock?  Ever run a Rock n Roll Half or Full Marathon?  Similar concept.  Live bands cheering you on while you swim, bike and run, finish line is more like a red carpet celebrity party and last but not least, free beer!  Keep an eye out for the campaign next year.  

A big thank you to the team I worked with -

Tag - Design Manager, couldn't ask for a better person to dump buckets of freezing water over my head.
Felipe Loureiro - Buffest male athlete I've ever seen, and I imagine an inspiring triathlon coach.
Marisol - Make-up artist, she can work wonders with a little blush and olive oil spray.
Nils - Photographer, instantly makes you feel comfortable.