Thursday, February 9, 2012

Drift 3 - Big Red Valentines Day

TDH and I usually stay in for Valentine's Day and make a three course dinner.  But that doesn't mean I can't dress up all sexy.  Whether you are having a sunset picnic, breakfast in bed or a night out without the kids this Tuesday try to branch out from your normal attire.  I love wearing red, it's an instant mood-lifter.  I may have gained the nickname BIG RED from dancing on top of tables in a bright red prom dress while living in New York City but we'll leave that story for another post.  What color are you planning on wearing for Valentine's Day? 

top - Lily White / bra - Free People / shorts - Phanuel / bracelet - Heatherette / wedges - Kenneth Cole


  1. So You...Happy Heart Day...I believe Jamie takes the cake with his 70's look!

  2. You look phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!! Love those shorts.

    1. You know I'll be wearing those shorts in Miami in June, with a heavy spray tan of course ;)