Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cabo San Lucas - Day 2

Day 2 - Sunday
- Sleeping in was amazing! 
- We rolled out of bed at 10:30am. 
- Worked a bit from the terrace overlooking the waves crashing.
- Covered myself head to toe in sunscreen, threw on a long tie-dye dress, big hat and spent a few hours on the beach with TDH
- I finished book #2 of the Hunger Games.  (Are you reading them?!  You should!  But not at night, it gives me nightmares.) 
- For a late lunch we walked down to the infamous (read touristy) Office. 
- Nothing special, simple food, sometimes attentive servers but it does provide shade, hilarious people watching, large servings of fresh guacamole and a break from the hawkers selling anything and everything on the beach.  (Do they ever take no for an answer?)
- Making veggie and bean fajitas tonight at the villa. (Dinners are pricey here, better to cook at home.)
All photos taken with my iphone - either left raw or manipulated in Picfx or Camera+


  1. Loved the video -- you looked so relaxed and gorgeous! Your dress in that pic is hot!!! Enjoy the rest of your vacay!!!