Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rollercoaster Week

Back in San Diego for a full week . . .  The family visited for a few days and we covered it all, the Zoo, George's, La Jolla Art and Wine Festival and BRCR.  Since they flew home I've been playing catch up, trying out new gyms, attempting to follow the Half Marathon training guide and my favorite! whipping up delicious meals for my good friend Amy Meier and her newest addition Maggie.  I was also honored to guest blog again on FitsCute.  Check it out here.  Plans for the weekend?  GARDEN, GARDEN, GARDEN.  My raised bed is finally ready to plant! 
happy birthday mom
sister, me, cousin at the park

mixed media artist: using real shells and stones
an artist at work at the show
loved this! 


  1. You look so gorgeous and happy in all of your pics! I want your doggy soooo bad!!! HB to your Mom. :)